Friday, 5 November 2010

A Monster Week!!!

We've had a real monster week here at Sock Pals. Here's a little update.

It's been Halloween!!! as if you didn't know that already. Lots of dressing up, telling jokes and guising. GREAT FUN!!!

My two Monster Sock Pals were both found..... well done Bruce and Harry. I hope you take good care of them and you have lots of wonderful adventures together.

My Folksy Friday theme this week is MoNsTeRs. Hope you have had a wee look. My daughter chose them this week. She has got good taste :)

Then to finish my week off I spent some time today at Loretto teaching a class how to make their very own Sock Pal monsters.

Here are some photos of the results. I think they're fabulous, they all worked very hard, what do you think?

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