Thursday, 30 September 2010

A very soggy Folksy Friday collection

We have chosen rain as our theme for this weeks collection

Large image

Rain Beau - happy rain, the best kind!
by Come Rain or Shine

Large image

Right as rain brooch - simple but very effective
by Kitschen Sink

Large image

Sweet Pink Wellington Boot Festival Necklace - reminds me that I need to buy a new pair of wellies!
by Strawberry Anarchy

Large image

Il Pleut // Original Framed Artwork on vintage book
by Wall envy art

Large image

Ignore the Rain A4 print - I always look for the rainbow
by Hello Monkey

Large image

Summer Rain - just beautiful!
by Made by PIN

Here's hoping it's going to be sunny today instead.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Folksy Friday Treasury " Golden Anniversary"

It's my mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary this weekend, so in their honour I am going to use that as my theme this week.

Large image
The Felt Menagerie

...aren't these the cutest?

Large image
In-Print this bold heart print

Large image
Miss Cherries Boutique


Large image

... the charms are adorable

Large image
Simons Gallery

..I added this because the words are so true

Large image
Harlequin Papercrafts

...and i just couldn't resist this!

WW2 Remade Project

My youngest daughter was off school ill last week and decided to set about doing part of her WW2 school project at home. Her chosen theme for the project was WW2 fashion.  After realising that I wasn't alive in the war(Thanks,I'm not that old!) she called her gran...who was a child herself at that point in history! 

One of the only memories my mum did have about "fashion" was of wearing a skirt to school made from an old pair of her dads trousers! "Make do and Mend" was the phrase my mum then told her all about.

This got my daughter thinking....mum makes recycled Sock Pals... she would get her class to make a toy each from a piece of old clothing they don't need anymore. With great results I am told!!!
 I will post the photos as soon as I get them sent through but here are some that I took of my daughters newest creation. His name is Allie the alien.

And this is his tiny Pal. He's about the size of a 50p. Very cute!
She worked very hard on them and did all the sewing herself.
What do you think?

Friday, 17 September 2010

My FIRST Folksy Friday Treasury

Large image

Teresa Robertsons Cards and Prints

So true Teresa!

Large image
"Me First!"
Black Cat Art

So Cute

Large image
My first aid tin
She draws

Brilliant idea-chose this one because I've had a sick child all week!

Large image
Karen Hilton Designs

You can never have too many cushions!

Large image
Little Grey Dove

Have often wondered.....

As you can see the theme for my first Folksy friday is...FIRST. What do you think of my choices?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Frugal Cool Pop up Shop

I went to visit my friend Nickys newly opened shop on Friday. It was full of the most amazing hand made goodiness! There are lots of talented local people out there. The shop was only to be open for 6 weeks but I have found out that she is taking the lease on for a whole year. She has lots of amazing plans for the space from Gallery to workshop space as well as a shop.
If you find yourself passing through Musselburgh go and pay her a visit. The shop is open Wed-Fri 10-3 and Sat 10-1.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I have spent most of my spare time this week getting to terms with Facebook and trying to upload photo albums onto it. So far I have added Puppy Pals, Hot Cross Bunnies, some Christmas Pals, Sporty Pals, Teddy Pals, Baby Pals and the first batch of Sock Pal key rings. All these photos are of pals that have already found good homes to go to. Why not take a look and tell me what you think of them?!/pages/SockPals/150075128347519

Bunny Pals

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Frugal Cool

Today I need to mention my friend Nicky and one of her many ventures called Frugal Cool. She is setting up a shop in North High Street, Musselburgh as of today, Wednesday 8th September. There will be lots of cool, funky, ecofriendly, sustainable goodies on sale all of which will all have been made by local talented crafters.

You can find out more about Nicky, the shop, and Frugal Cool by following this link to her website  or catching up with her on Facebook there are some fantastic photos of the new shop.

If you look really closely in the photo above you can spot a suitcase full of Sock Pals waiting to find new homes to go to.

Good Luck Nicky from all at Sock Pals x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How it all started

Almost 3 years ago now, my youngest daughter made a sock puppet at school. It had such a cute face that I suggested that we should stuff it and carefully sew it up so she could keep that instant the first Sock Pal was born. (She came up with the name Sock Pals too. She's very creative)
.....I wonder what ever happened to that first little Pal?

Fond memories -  my first team of Pals lined up and ready to be adopted

After a fantastic response from the public at our first ever craft fair in Newtongrange I have not looked back. I now spend all my spare time dedicated to making my lovable little SockPals. 

I sell my Sock Pal creations

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hello blog land

Hello and welcome

to my new SockPal Blog.

Today, after weeks and if I am really honest, months, my Pals and I have finally taken the plunge….we have started this, our very own blog.

We are so excited about blogginng but very nervous at the same time! We are not technically minded in the slightest preferring crafty stuff to technical stuff anyday.
I have always loved making and creating since I can remember.
I went to art college after I left school and have dabbled in all kinds of crafts since then.

I intend to use this little area of blogland to show off all my new Sock Pal creations and of course to include some of my Old Sock Pal characters too. I also want to include news about give aways, competitions and craft fairs.
There, I have done it, my very first blog post. And I have done it without any help from hubby or computer whiz kid daughters! Now I am away to tackle Facebook....wish me luck!